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Built in 2004, the Olathe KVC (Kids Value Connections) Behavioral Healthcare facility is a not-for-profit organization focused on the enrichment and enhancement of the lives of children and families. During the construction of the new building, a portion of the space was designed to house the Ball Conference Center. When you host an event at Ball Conference Center, you are supporting KVC.

Thank you for making a big difference last year!

From the Midwest, to the East Coast, to the other side of the world, KVC is making a difference one child and one family at a time. That’s due to the hard work and dedication of our passionate staff including YOU!

By combining research-based practices with our strong values and sense of urgency, KVC is transforming the way children and families are served. Some highlights include:

494 children adopted
7,207 children supported in KVC foster families
19,530 children and adults served through in-home therapy
2,767 children and adolescents served at our innovative psychiatric hospitals
54,639 people’s lives touched, plus thousands more impacted indirectly
And more!

View the entire results of this historic year in our 2014 KVC Annual Report.


KVC offers a wide variety of medical, behavioral and social services to thousands of children and families across Kansas each year – from their psychiatric hospital and residential facilities for children, to outpatient services with on-staff psychologists, psychiatrists and pediatricians; from recruitment and support for hundreds of foster homes, to finding loving adoptive families for awaiting children.


The most important service KVC offers is the creation of hope and a path to reach it. Every individual, business and community partner that hosts an event at the Ball Conference Center is helping pave that path, a path KVC could not build without this support.

More Information

KVC thanks those who have chosen the Ball Conference Center as their venue and have helped lift the lives of the children and families they embrace. If you would like to know more about the families KVC reaches through their mission or more information about children awaiting adoption, visit  You may also directly contact Jenny Kutz, Director of Development, for more information at 913.322.4944 or