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Corporate & Business Events

Ready for a change of business meeting scenery? Along with up-to-date technology resources and on-site assistance and flexibility? The Ball Conference Center offers all of the above, plus the convenience of multiple room settings. Click on the spaces below to learn more about our facility meeting rooms and ballroom.

Ball Conference Center – Feature Amenities

Ball Conference Center - Feature Amenities


Pricing List

*For VIP Packages, please inquire about pricing with Michael Nicoski at (913) 322-4980

Rental InformationRental Fees
DVD players, Laptop, Screen & Projectors, Wi-Fi, Lecterns, Wireless Hand & Lavalier Mics.
(Included in rental cost)
Room Setup & Tear Down:
Tables & chairs
(Included in rental cost)
2 Rolling Bars(Included in rental cost)
Ice (350 lbs.)(Included in rental cost)
4 Rolling Coolers(Included in rental cost)
Service fee/Catering:
The BBC service fee is added to the catering bill on all food provded to the renter
Table Linens: 10 colors to choose from
Napkins: 17 colors to choose from
$7 per linen
$.50 per napkin
Minimum of 1 bartender per 75 guests
(5 hr. minimum, include 1 hr. setup)
Tipping required, $65 per bartender
Wait Staff:
Minimum of 1 wait staff per 50 guests
(4 hr. minimum)
Tipping required, $65 per waitstaff
1. 4hrs
2. 8hrs
1. $175
2. $300
(No charge if renting the ballroom for a weekend event)
Mabee Learning Center:
1. 4hrs
2. 8hrs
1. $250
2. $350
Ballroom Rental – Friday Evening:
( 10am – 1am )
(Rental fee includes the boardroom)
Ballroom Rental – Saturday
( 10am – 1am )
(Rental fee includes the boardroom)
Ballroom Rental – Sunday
( 10am – 1am )
(Rental fee includes the boardroom)
Monday – Thursday & Friday Day:
1. Entire facility
2. 3 sections
3. 2 sections
4. 1 section
1. $1,500
2. $1,300
3. $900
4. $450
Rental Fee’s
(A rental fee in the amount of one-half the total cost and a valid credit card number will be required to reserve the Event Premises for an Event.)
Bar heights with black spandex skirting
$10 per table (6 total)
Portable Stage with Carpet:
12’ x 16’ x 24″ Skirting, steps, and guard rails included
Dance floor: 21 x 21
Ceremony & Reception
$300 (Transition fee)
Event or Short-Term General Liability: Required
(Prices vary: Refer to your insurance agent for pricing)
Any event over 200 people requires 1 or more officers. Renter is required to hire security for a 4 hour minimum and security must stay until the conclusion of the event.
$35 an hour
4 hr. minimum
Non-refundable security deposit
Clean up:
If the Event Premises are not cleaned, renter shall pay an additional cleanup fee.

Facility Floorplan

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